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James Butler

Owner, Project Manager California Licensed General Contractor License # 1091128

As a seasoned real estate professional in construction and real estate sales, James brings over 30+ years of experience building houses to the table. Versatile and creative, he has built estates across the greater Silicon Valley, making it a priority to take a large part in the process of building the homes himself, from drawing plans and renderings to participating in outdoor physical work. In addition to developing real estate, James has 40+ years of experience in construction, having constructed and landscaped homes since his early childhood alongside his father.

Eladio Salinas

Eladio Salinas is a hard working and versatile foreman with over 20 years of experience building houses alongside James Butler. He is diligent and thorough, able to perform complex construction jobs using various equipment, such as grading to finish work. A skilled operator with skid steers, backhoes, trenchers, always completing each task to the best of his ability, Eladio and his team get the job done. The top priority is to make sure the job is completed in a way that maximizes efficiency and durability for the future.